Why an Easter social media campaign?

Easter flowersEaster is a brilliant time for new social media campaigns. It’s a good time to switch your social media over from a Winter feel to a brighter Spring feel.

Winter is on the retreat, lighter nights are already in sight, Spring flowers are sprouting, the trees are budding, the eggs are hatching and the chicks are appearing.

For many, Easter is the start of that. You don’t have to make Easter eggs to take advantage of the opportunities for a spot of social media campaigning.

How does Easter work for my brand?

Easter eggsIf you don’t sell Easter products or services, you may be wondering how it can work for you. Well you may have to think a little out of the box. You may even find it’s useful to collaborate with another business.

To try and help we’ve pulled together 6 ideas for running Easter campaigns on your social media. These can simply be to raise your brand awareness or drive sales.

6 ideas for Easter social media campaigns

1. Get seasonal with your look and feel

This is usually the easier way to add some Easter (or indeed Spring) flavour to your social media pages. You can change your cover images and profile images to simply reflect Easter or a larger Easter campaign. It can be a good time to get a little playful and have some fun with your brand. You can also include Easter themed posts for your products or your team. How about some Easter bonnet shots or Easter egg decorating contests?

2. Hold a caption competition

Running an online competition can be a great way to increase the engagement and reach of your social media. You can run a competition on just one platform and cross-promote it on your other channels, or run  cross-platform competition. Caption competitions are pretty easy and can again add a fun element to your brand.  If your product isn’t very ‘Easter’ then you could dress it up and photo it, or use something like Canva and add a few Easter eggs to the photo. Get creative!

3. Hold a ‘Guess the number of eggs’ competition

This is another fun way to generate engagement and reach, and therefore brand awareness. Can you use your product to hide away lots of mini eggs and then ask your customer to guess how many? Make the competition entry really easy, e.g. just type the number of eggs in the comments, to encourage easy entry.

4. Run a virtual Easter egg hunt

Facebook and Instagram would be good platforms to run this on. You could hide eggs in the images you post. Let your audience know that the hunt is on and it will encourage them to come back and regularly check your posts. Do a daily spot the egg prize – the prize could be something cheap and cheerful.

5. User generated competition

This is where you get your customers to generate the content for you. Depending on your business and your products you can vary what the competition will be, examples could be; a selfie with your product in an Easter setting, the worst Easter egg your customer has seen,  their Easter egg haul, their alternative Easter, what Easter means to them. It can take a little more thought, you may need a better prize, and entry is a little bit more time consuming for your customers but you could get some great content generated.

6. Run a Spring clean campaign

This can depend on your products or service but can it be great to run for Easter. A Spring clean can be about clothing, home products, cleaning services or gardens. We once ran a luxury bedding competition over Easter with a Spring Home theme and it worked really well. All those Easter chicks and eggs shout about new beginnings!

Need some help?

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