Getting online is key for more and more businesses, even more since Lockdown.

If you are just starting up your business you don’t usually need some fabulous all singing and dancing website. You need something that will let people know about you, what you do, maybe your prices and how they can contact you. Oh, and let you get found easily when your potential customers search on Google.

So, when people see the prices of those all singing and dancing websites, they will signup to SquareSpace or Wix and do a DIY websites. And, you know what, it probably looks OK.

Then six months or a year down the line they realise that they want to add some new functionality like a shop or a membership or maybe a booking facility. Then things aren’t as simple (or as cheap). They are probably looking at starting from scratch.

We build with WordPress right form the get go. The beauty of WordPress is the flexibility and the ability to grow your website as your business grows. That’s why we offer simple, but beautiful, Starter Websites. 

Starter Websites

These are single page websites that have all the information about your business and the ability for potential customers to easily contact you. They allow you to get the message out to your potential customers and get found on Google. They are perfect for startups to get up really quickly and to test their proposition.

They will contain just enough information about your business to get you started online:

  • About you and your business
  • What you do, your services, your products
  • Why choose you, your current offer
  • Testimonials, previous clients, quotes
  • Contact you
  • Links to your social media and phone number
  • On page SEO to help you get found on Google

They are built using flexible Divi templates, which are a breeze to update – you don’t have to understand a single letter of code – you can edit straight on the website page. They are colour matched to your branding so you instantly look professional online.

Your website grows with your business

WordPress websites are pretty much ready for anything. So, you need to add ecommerce to your websites, well WordPress is ecommere ready and even has industry standard free plugins like WooCommerce, Or you may need to include bookings for rooms or appointments or classes, again WordPress is ready for this and there are free and premium plugins in this area too. If you need to set up a subscription service or a membership, again WordPress is ready for this and there’s a mixture of free and premium options just sat there on the shelf waiting for your business!

You don’t have to start from scratch.

You build on the foundations of your Starter Website. You don’t even have to change hosting providers.

What else is great about Starter Websites?

They have all the best bits of the bigger websites too. They include:

  • Design of website templates to feel aligned with your business and your branding
  • E-commerce ready website – it which can easily be ‘e-commerced’
  • Secure Website (SSL) included
  • Divi templates included (cost of around £200 if bought separately)
  • Optimised for SEO – on-Page
  • SEO for identified terms.
  • Sitemaps created which can be submitted to Google
  • Social Media – integration on all pages of the website
  • Website caching and optimization of images (for speed of website)
  • Website optimized for mobiles and tablets as well as desktop browsers
  • Easy to update pages, with WYSIWYG interface (update on the actual pages)
  • Either customer supplied images or free stock images can be used.
  • Website analytics – Google Analytics code can be added to the pages
  • Google Maps integration can be added (Google now charge for this)

It’s just a smaller, simpler, version of a great big website. It’s also just waiting to be built into a bigger website.

How do I get a Starter Website

It’s a simple case of getting in touch with us. Why not use our Contact Form and we can arrange a chat to find out exactly what you need and then we can start the kick off process. We book in a time slot for building your shiny new website and guide you through every step of the process. We can even help you choose and purchase a domain name. It couldn’t be easier to get your business online!