Case Studies

Ecommerce and Intranet success in the Hospitality Sector

The Hospitality Sector isn’t all about B2C sales – there a massive element of B2B sales. I spent a year working with Punch Taverns leading the development of their, then, new B2B ecommerce platform.

Not only did I increase users by five fold, but increased sales from £700k per week to £2 million per week and was shortlisted for an award

Digital Marketing Coaching – Facebook Ads in the Charity Sector

This case study covers a campaign to recruit more schools in targetted areas to a National Holocaust Centre programme covering the holocaust from the viewpoint of a child. This shows how, using my Facebook Ads strategy, we generated £14,400 of course bookings from a £50 Facebook Ads spend.

Digital Marketing Coaching – Facebook Ads in the Ecommerce Product Sector

Product sales are what a lot of my clients are looking for. When I started working with BriteAngle they had spent a lot of money on Facebook Ads, with a big agency, for no return on sales.

We started generating sales for them straightaway and changed their thinking about the power of Facebook Ads

Organic Digital Marketing in the Personal Brand and Products sector

Luxury personal brands can be a tough nut to crack. I worked closely with the client, SarahK, to understand her product process and her customers.

in just 8 weeks I increased Facebook reach by 67000%, Facebook reactions by 9000%, Instagram comments by 2164% and Instagram followers by 32%