Last year’s Christmas shopping was very different to previous seasons. This year is likely to continue with many of online habits we started to see from last year.

The pandemic and associated lockdowns have changed the buying habits of many people. The use of e-commerce and social media rocketed. The savvy shoppers were not just trying to get a supermarket delivery, but tapping into their local businesses. So many local businesses adapted to the restrictions and switched to online, whether that was social media or ecommerce, and some have flourished. Their investment in digital is continuing to pay off.

Last year half (50%) of UK consumers have said they will to do more of their Christmas season shopping and gift buying online in 2020 compared to 2019. This came on the back of 30% of UK shoppers still not feeling confident about returning the bricks and mortar shops. The trend is likely to continue this year.

What are Christmas shoppers looking for?

The various lockdowns have made people more receptive to new products or services, especially those accessed online. Facebook recently reported that 64% of shoppers will be exploring new products or services this Christmas.

It is very likely that shoppers could be sensitive to price more than ever this year. This could mean that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are even more important this year. Last year it was reported that 48% of shoppers will do the majority of their shopping before or on Cyber Monday. It you want so tips for Black Friday then check out 4 Tips for Black Friday Success

Another trend reported is that shoppers are increasingly drawn to brands that support causes they care about or share the same ethos. People buy from people and very often that is people and brands that they identify with.

Tips for selling online this Christmas

So, as a business how can you make sure that you can sell your products and services to potential customers?

Well, simply put, you simply can’t just rely on physical in-store sales this year, you need to embrace the digital world. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you succeed online this Christmas.

Social media

  • Let people know you are out there and what you sell and how you can get it to them
  • Share your ethos and what you are passionate about
  • Choose the platform that your potential customers are on and start to build brand awareness by posting about what you sell and about you and your business.
  • Collaborate with other local businesses and maybe share deliveries
  • Create gift packages with other local businesses (if you sell tea, work with one that sells biscuits) and cross post these on one another’s social media
  • Create a competition – even better if you collaborate with other businesses with similar audiences – and promote the hell out of it!
  • Get a Facebook Shop or Instagram Shop set up and tag your products

Google My Business and Bing for Businesses

  • These are free so get it set up and increase your chances of getting found when customer search
  • Quick tip – set up Google first and Bing will let you import it
  • You can post offers and updates on your Google My Business


  • If you already sell online, then make sure all your products are up to date
  • Christmas up your website – see this previous post – Christmas campaign ideas for small businesses
  • If you don’t already sell on your website then look to add a shop or a booking facility
  • Add gift cards – they are instant download so great for last minute shoppers


  • Put some Facebook Ad spend behind your business – you can target your customers really well on Facebook Ads – check out our Tips for Running Facebook Ads
  • Paid social media can be more expensive over the Christmas period so start warming up audiences as soon as possible
  • Get the Facebook Pixel on your website and you can retarget website visitors, abandoned carts and purchasers – check out our Guide to the Facebook Pixel

How can you prepare your business for Christmas 2020?

Preparation and adaptability is going to be key yet again this year.  Basically, as with 2020 and so far in 2021, prepare for the unexpected!

We have lots of  free DIY resources for you on our website – check out the Free Resources section and of course our Blog where we pop up tips and tricks.

Ensure that your business is able to continue to sell even if you are in a lockdown situation – and that means getting the digital side of your business up and running. It can be as simple as a Facebook Business Page and Messenger so customers can place orders or spending a small amount on Facebook Ads to promote your offer to your local community.

We do a free 30 minute Discovery Call (or Disco Call) where we can find out more about your business, challenges and objectives.  Just contact us to make a booking.

Our approach is simple, we work with you to find the best solution for you, your business your customer and of course your budget. One size does not fit all. Check out Working With Us section to get and idea of where we can help you.