What is an Awareness Day?

Awareness Days are sometimes called National Days. They are usually days that have been set up to commemorate an occasion, a person, or a place. Sometimes even a product.

There are Awareness days for pretty much every day of the year, with some days having numerous listings. They are a mix of light-hearted days such as Dress Up Your Pet Day to much more serious days which carry an important message such as World Cancer Day.

Some of the days listed are pretty tenuous, with many dreamed up by marketeers to help to promote their products.

You can boost your business and support a good cause

Calendar and plannerRemember the #NoMakeUpSelfie or the #IceBucketChallenge? These were really big campaigns which trended on social media. The #NoMakeUpSelfie  by Cancer Research UK was tweeted 51,000 times just 48 hours after launching and raised over 8 million pounds

So many of these are reliably popular on social media, often becoming a trending topic and leaving a great opportunity to get involved to support a good cause, and reach out instantly to an audience of thousands.

Fillers for your content strategy

Bullet journal for planningAdding in some Awareness days to your content planning can help you to fill a few gaps. May of the light-hearted ones trend really well on social media so you may  increase traffic to your social media as well as providing great content hooks for your marketing campaigns – all raising awareness of your brand. There are some quirky ones out there such as Talk Like a Pirate Day which have a wide-ranging appeal.

If you find you have a gap in your content then use one of the calendars to see if there is an Awareness Day that you could add into your schedule

How can I use them?

Calendar planningThink about which ones are relevant to your business and industry. They should be in your strategy anyway. It can be a good opportunity to promote your business based on the relevant Awareness Day

For example, if you make bread or have a sandwich shop, it’s a no brainer to have Sandwich Day and any of the others relating to sandwiches and bread.

Casting the net wider, there may be others that are in your industry or area, such as Small Business Saturday, Gluten-free Day or  Food Day. There will also be the Awareness Days that turn into campaigns such as Veganuary. Use it to promote your new vegan bread and sandwich!

If you have a gap in your content calendar you can still use days that aren’t so relevant. If you are an Accountant, you can still use World Chocolate Cake Day. Just don’t blindly post “Happy World Chocolate Cake Day” on your Twitter. Put a bit of thought into it – do you have a client that makes chocolate cakes? Or are you simply having a huge slice of it with your morning cuppa – snap you and the cake and hashtag it – great for adding some personality to your posts!

Where can I find these Awareness Days?

Calendar on deskWell there are a lot of them out there. Many of them are US based so not too good if you have a mainly UK audience.

There are some pretty good UK based ones that are free online too.

You can even buy Social Media diary planners that list many of the days for you. These are great if you are a  big stationary fan!

Our top 3 Awareness Day Calendars

  1. Go With the Pro are UK based and have a comprehensive, and easy to view, calendar which can also be imported into your Google calendar
  2. Days of the Year is a huge set of days and you can easily browse a month at a time.
  3. Awareness Days allows you to search for a specific location such as the UK.

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