Recent websites

I’ve been building websites for over 25 years, but I know you’d love to see some of my more recent websites. All of these websites have been designed and built so that my clients can manage them independently. This means they may have changed a little since we built them – but that’s the idea, right? 

If you want to see some single page websites (Start Up Package) or landing pages, then scroll down to the bottom!


This website has been build for Human Resources professional in Further Education. New branding has given the website on brand images, subtle movement,  and a vibrant website that will appeal to professionals in the FE sector.

Mill House Millinery

Susan makes gorgoeous hats and this website was build around those lovely hats and both Susan’s and her brand personality. A shop was included which also showcases the lovely hats. And it’s a very easy to update website for adding more blogs and hats!


These guys already had an old and dated website, with inconsistent branding, which wasn’t very easy to update. A new structure to create better signposting and a new look and feel has created a website to appeal to their audience. 

Delehanty Consulting
Carolyn had built a single page SquareSpace website some time ago and had spoken to agencies that were full of techie speak. We helped to brief a photoshoot and built this rather gorgeosus personal brand website which showcases Carolyn and her business perfectly.

Havenhills Field & Kitchen

This website was for a new subscription box. Karen is also a food photographer and shot some excellent images to use on the website which really helps to get the brand across. It’s also connected to MailerLite to pull through subscription forms and pop ups. 

Socially Sound

Mel’s original website had been live for a couple of years, but her business had evolved and her website was no longer reflecting her brand. Her brand is a fab set of colours but too many were on each page. This was a fresh start and includes connection to ActiveCampaign.

The Systems Alchemist
Jodie wanted a website that really showcased her personality and her brand. At the beginning we did a brand refresh with a new logo and set of brand colours. Jodie wanted her site to stand out and not look static so we had fun getting some movement into the website.

Julia Randall Coaching
Julia had taken the leap to go through a re-branding process and decided a new website was needed. We worked with Julia on her photoshoot brief and took her new branding colours and logo and created a vibrant website that really fitted Julia and her personal brand.

Good Canteen
This business alread had a ecommerce website but it had been built in such a way that it didn’t fit their original brief and was just too hard to try and update. We re-build it based on the original designs and added in the missing functionality and created a website they could easily update with a much improved customer journey.

Creative Minds Move
During the Lockdown Becky had been teaching yoga online and creating YouTube videos that she was selling. She wanted a website to showcase what she does and her ethos – and of course sell her products. We set up a small WooCommerce store with digital downloads for this.

Space House Business Centre
The team had inherited an old SquareSpace website from the previous owners and it really didn’t fit their aspirations and image as a business. We created a new website, an easy way to view an update service office availability, plus a room booking facility for their meeting room

Platform Resourcing
The existing website had been built in Wix by the business owner and they had outgrown both the look and feel and the functionality of Wix. We created a look and feel that matched their branding and added a job posting and application process so they could host their own job applications.

JB Capital Group
Although these guys work on referral and relationship building wihtin their niche, they still needed a website – which helps with business credibility, especially with client reviews. The classic monochrome of this websites matched their brand their niche perfectly.

AcuWellness Clinic
Brenda already had a website, but she couldn’t update it. Everything involved contacting and paying the web developer. We built a new branded website that she could update herself. We also included a booking facility for her clients to book and pay for appointments.

SCB Digital
Sarah already had a WordPress website that she had built herself. She wanted a slick new look and feel that reflected her and her brand. We had a strong emphasis on showcasing SCB Digital and their successes I and created case studies templates that could easily do this.

KCPR Kate Clark PR
Kate had built her original website herself but it was looking very dated. She wanted to keep her exisiting branding and we built her website around the gold tones. She has worked with numerous big brands and we were able to put a big focus on the clients and her testimonials.

The Sleeping Baby Routine
This website had been through a few reviews and was overstuffed with plugins and was very clunky to use. We did a big rebrand, simplified the customer journeys, set up a much easier to use Appointment booking system and created a website that was easy to update by Charmian.

This charity had recently had a bad experience with an web agency and had a website that just didn’t reflect their brandng and community ethos. We restructured, rebranded, simplied the customer journeies, and our Wix expert created a website that really works for RideWise and their community.

Single Page websites and Sales Pages

Solid Scaling Systems
This rather gorgeous landing page was built for the System’s Alchemist’s new beta programme. This needed the right flow for the customer journey, including validation throughout such as testimonials etc. Jodie’s brand is vibrant and I included plenty of her fun but professional personality

Malambo Digital
This is one of our beautiful single page website. It’s all set up with a menu so that new pages can easily be added when the business is ready. This is a new business for Maria so a single page website is a really good starting point that can be built on and expanded when her business is ready.


These guys have an older website, which is tricky to update, plus with some plugin conflicts. They are moving to a new website, but wanted to run Facebook (Meta) add so a branded landing page on the new domain was a really good solution.

Champion Swan

As a new buisness these guys wanted to get a website up as soon as possible. They realised the importance of having a website and a Stary Up Website package was a good fit for them 

Cywrain Translation
Cywrain Translation and Transcription services are a small busienss that wanted a website. They didn’t need some massive all singing and dancing website so they chose a StartUp Website. This is usually a single page website, but this was two pages – one English and one Welsh.