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Google Ads Management

Let’s face it – Google Ads seem simple on the outside but once you open them it, then it’s a whole can of worms!

Have you been trying a few campaigns but not getting the results you expected? 

Been focussing on SEO and still not getting the website traffic coming through?

PPC campaigns done well can let you stand out from the noise of the Google search results page.

We can get your adverts shown in the right places, to the right people and with the right objectives. 


PPC Google Ads specialist

Step 1 – We’ll hop on a Zoom call with you to understand your business and your goals. Then we’ll send you an onboarding questionnaire too. 

Step 2 – Once we’ve received the onboarding questionnaire, we start our set up and research. This includes keyword research, competitor benchmarking, and setting up tracking and monitoring. We will work out the right Google Ads campaign objectives for your business to get you the right results, and not just clicks

Step 3 – We start your campaigns. We follow a test-learn-test process and this covers keywords. audiences, creatives and copy. We tweak, we optimise and we scale. We keep you in the loop and updated, by reporting back to you weekly or monthly.

We’ll create an effective PPC strategy with you to help boost your website visibility, increase leeads, increase traffic or increase sales, – whatever the right goal is for your business.