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We are a big believers in keeping things simple.

Websites shouldn’t be complicated. Don’t let an agency sell you an expensive, all singing, all dancing website, that over-complicates your needs and can’t easily be updated or found by search engines. SEO is very important.

There are so many options now if you want to sell online. You may not need a full-blown e-commerce site but you need something robust and easy to use.

We’ve implemented simple one page websites to full B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions.

It’s all about the right fit for you, your business and your customers.

We build in WordPress, and WordPress is great for growing with your business.

Plumb Digital websites

Starter Websites

If you are a startup or a small business then we have Starter Websites for you. Theses are simple, but beautiful, long form single page websites. The have just enough information about your business and a contact form. These start at just £350 plus VAT

Small Business Websites

If you need a little more, then we have 5 Page Websites. These allow you to pack those pages full of information for your customers. They also include a Blog or a News page.

Functional Websites

Either the Starter or Small Business websites can grow when you need them to grow. So, if you want to add in a Shop, or a Bookings facility, or a Membership, or Online COurses, then it can be added in. Oh, and we can build a big old clever website straight from the get go if that’s what you need!

A website that grows with your business, when your business is ready.

Our websites include:

  • A website that feels aligned with your business and your branding
  • A website that’s ready for ecommerce, bookings, courses – or includes them
  • Secure Website (SSL) included
  • Optimised for SEO – on-Page SEO for identified terms.
  • Social Media integration on all pages 
  • Website caching and optimization of images (for speed of website)
  • Website optimized for mobiles and tablets as well as desktop browsers
  • Easy to update pages, with WYSIWYG interface (update on the actual pages)
  • Handover includes a face to face (in person or Zoom) plus Loom ‘how to’ videos
  • Website analytics, Google Maps or sitemaps can be included
Plumb Digital small business websites

Shopify Partners

Although we build loads of Starter, Small Business Websites and E-commerce websites in WordPress we are also Shopify Partners. 

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